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Welcome to our online world of the Roman Catholic Community based in Taunton, Somerset in England. We are a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic group of Catholic Christians who worship the Trinity of God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We are a vibrant community who love and serve our brothers and sisters in this beautiful town and the surrounding countryside. We try to reach out to those on the margins, as well as those at its centre, and offer the hope and challenge that we find in our sacred scriptures. We also work closely with our parish school – St George’s Primary to not only offer a first rate education, but to also nurture a growth in the spiritual dimension of our children. We want to be shining lights of love, hope and peace for our town, our country and our world. Working in partnership with the school and with our parish families we strive to build a community which values everyone, from child to Senior Citizen. We work and we pray that we may build a haven of justice and peace for our world and to offer it the Good News of the Christian Gospel. 
We are happy to announce that the Government has now allowed
us to open our Churches for Mass
The means that this week (starting Mon 6th)
St George’s church will be open
     Monday             9.15 – 12 noon
     Tuesday             9.15 – 12 noon
     Wednesday       9.15 – 12 noon
     Thursday         11.45 – 2.00pm
     Saturday            9.15 – 11.00am.   &   5.15pm – 6.30pm
     Sunday               7.45 – 10.30am   & 2.00pm – 4.00 pm
  St Teresa’s church will be open Friday      9.45 – 12 noon

For a daily Mass please go to

and search for Taunton Catholic Church.

You will then find a Mass from St George’s or St Teresa’s 

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