Thank you for your generous support for our parishes. You can find the financial reports for the parishes here:
As you’ll see from the reports, the bulk of our income continues to come from your offertory giving. For those who are able to give by regular standing order to the parish, this is enormously appreciated and is enormously helpful in funding parish activities. 
We also have some income from donations. In particular in 2021 the Friends of St George’s donated £30,000 towards the cost of the renovation of the Taunton Catholic Centre.
The hire of the Catholic Centre as well as of the properties owned by the parish generates rental income, as does the hiring of St Teresa’s church to a Romanian Pentecostal group.
Finally we are enormously grateful to those parishioners who have remembered the parish in their wills and left us a legacy. If you’d be interested in doing this, please let us know so that we can give you details.
Our three parishes of St George, St Teresa and St John Fisher work together as parishes in communion for mission. Practically, the bulk of costs are incurred at St George’s and the other two parishes make a monthly contribution to help towards these costs.
By far our largest spending is on premises costs. This includes major renovation of the Taunton Catholic Centre undertaken in 2021, as well as roofing work, the refurbishment of the toilet and former boiler room and office at St Teresa’s. 
We have a paid administrator and cleaner who work at St George’s. We also pay a ‘parish share’ or levy to the Diocese which funds central services, insurance, banking, the Bishop’s office, etc.
St Teresa’s made a small surplus over the year, while St George’s made a significant loss, due to the one off investment in the renovation of the parish centre. 
Overall, our parishes finances are healthy enough to maintain our buildings and running costs, but leave a limited budget to invest in our mission. This is something that we will be looking at more closely in 2022.