Friends of St George’s Trust was started in 2005 as a charity for the preservation, repair, restoration maintenance and improvement of the fabric of St George’s Church and associated property. Since then, through the generosity of parishioners, the trustees have raised funds to install the window at the north end of the church, the cleaning and repair if the stained glass window above the altar and fund many other repairs and improvements. During 2017 and 2018  the trustees have contributed to the re-development of the ‘Old School and Preschool nursery’ into 3 properties for rental – these rents will overtime provide an ongoing income for the church, this income will be somewhat more that any income from investment of both the savings of the church and the Trust. As with any 150 year old building, especially a Grade 2 listed building, maintenance and repair becomes expensive. Last year the Trust contributed £37510 towards the conversion of the church heating to gas and the installation of two new gas boilers. The Trust also contributed £27071 to complete the final payments for the ‘Old School’ houses.

The Trust is supported by parishioners who contribute by standing order or by joining the 200 Club.  

On behalf of the Parish Congregation and the Parish Priest, may I thank all the parishioners who contribute to this worthy charity. Personally I would like also to thank my fellow trustees for their time and skills in maintaining the trust.


Paul Tighe

Chairman of Trustees
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