These are the 15 beautiful Stations of the Cross in St Georges Church.
They were carved out of a single sycamore tree from the Blackdown Hills.

1st Station  Jesus is condemned to death


2nd Station   Jesus takes up his cross


3rd Station   Jesus falls the first time


4th Station   Jesus meets his mother


5th Station    The cross is laid on Simon of Cyrene


6th Station   Veronica wipes the face of Jesus


7th Station   Jesus falls the 2nd time

8th Station  The women of Jerusalem mourn for Jesus


9th Station    Jesus falls the 3rd time

11th Station Jesus is nailed to the cross

10th Station   Jesus is stripped of his garments


11th Station   Jesus is nailed to the Cross

12th Station   Jesus dies on the Cross

13th Station   Jesus is taken down from the Cross

14th Station   Jesus is laid in the sepulchre


15th Station   The Resurrection


With thanks to Tom Preator the Master Carver of these Stations of the Cross